November 25th, 2019 by

Our entire team at Wayne Thomas Chevrolet knows how important safety is to drivers in Asheboro. That’s why we’re proud to show off the new Silverado 3500HD. You can get this popular heavy-duty truck with active safety features that may help you avoid potential collisions.
There are two notable systems. The first is the Forward Collision Alert system. It’s engineered to notify you whenever you get close to the vehicle in front of you. It’s also smart enough to know when there’s a chance of a collision happening. The 3500HD will alert you to these issues so that you can take quick action and stay safe.
Also available is the Lane Departure Warning system. The same technology that powers the previous feature is used for this one. However, the focus is put on where your truck is in relation to the lines on the road. If you start to swerve into the next lane due to tiredness or loss of focus, the truck will alert you.

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