March 12th, 2019 by

The Cadillac CT6 Sedan Offers More than Luxury

Cadillac owners have long prized the vehicles for their high degree of luxury and elegance. Nevertheless, the models available in Asheboro also come equipped with a myriad of technological features. Front and rear seat occupants enjoy a variety of entertainment at the mere push of a button.

Cadillac CT6 vehicles feature built-in Wi-Fi capability that enables rear seat passengers the option to stream videos on the infotainment system found on the back of the front seats. The screens are a full 10 inches diagonally, which provides clear, crisp images. Occupants quickly venture to their favorite video streaming sights using the accompanying remote control. Wireless headphones ensure private viewing. Enjoy the ride while charging mobile devices via the USB ports.

Upgrade your listening pleasure with a Bose system that comes with 34 surround-sound speakers. Relax and enjoy long-distance road trips while listening to your favorite music in concert-hall quality. Indulge in a test drive at Wayne Thomas Chevrolet.

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