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When you’re considering your different options for a small SUV, let Wayne Thomas Chevrolet show you the fuel-efficient Chevrolet Trax. You can expect to get up to 31 mpg when driving on the highway in front-wheel drive mode. The Chevrolet Trax comes with sensors that will detect if the surface that you’re driving on is becoming slippery. To maximize traction, the Trax can switch to an all-wheel drive mode if wheels are slipping. This feature can keep you safe and provide you with driving confidence.
If you need cargo space when driving around Asheboro, you can fold the rear seats down and get 48.4 cubic feet of room. The Chevrolet Trax can comfortably carry five people. The 1.7L turbocharged ECOTEC engine will give you 138 horsepower when needed and accelerate quickly from a stop. You’ll be able to get 26 mpg when driving around in a city.

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